- Made By Hand, Slowly -

All of our products are produced by hand in small batches, ensuring every mouthful is a unique extavaganza of flavour and nourishment. Find these and other amazing brands on our online store. You'll be back for more, we promise.

Welcome to Fauxmage!


Where healthy eating meets decadence

- Local is Lekker -

We incorporate home grown elements wherever we can; all our herbs are organically grown right in our back garden, because nature is inspiring and we believe that the more locally we can source things the more sustainable we can be.

We believe in the power of food to change the world and make it a better place for all beings who share it!


Our values are simple:

- Deliciously Nutritious -

Through careful fermentation of nutrient-rich cashews, we ensure that not only are our products full of bioactive probiotics which are good for your gut, but they're also delicious, thanks to millions of tiny microorganisms and the flavour compounds they produce.

- Do No Harm -

Animal agriculture takes a heavy toll on the environment, but even aside from that the suffering of millions of creatures is not something that sits right on our conscience. We will never use any animal products in our cheeses, and we even stay away from palm oil - who wants yucky old palm oil anyway when you can have extra virgin olive oil ;-)

- Want To See How Do It? -

Have a peek inside our factory: